Sweat lodge at Skridla

It was a refreshing weekend in the Skridla estate. Indian sauna (sweat lodge) in icy mud and puddles of water was a one-of-a-kind experience, as well as following night with a drumming ritual.

As I went together with my friends, we have been able to enjoy the change of perspective which with taking part on a different kind of “psychedelic” session then the everlasting parties. Such thing as meeting other groups of people with already established relations is generally remarkable, but now try getting naked with all those people on the first evening, go outside into the snow, step around a fire in freezing mixture of mud and water for a while, and then sit around the stone pit for a few hours, chant mantras and shout and so on… yeah, isn’t it romantic? Bad luck I only was able to spend first two rounds in there, but I was at least able to help with the last portion of stones.

Drumming also was a “flow experience”, as was our following music session with Dosta.