Back to the underground

Yesterday’s night was quite interesting. I went to a psytrance party, which had basically no promo whatsoever, so earlier this week most people were still wondering whether it is real or fake.

We quickly learned that despite the fact that it is organized by someone basically unknown, in a mysterious place where no party has been done before (as far as we knew – which was wrong, there were at least several punk concerts, but nevermind), but otherwise featuring Iguana from Naked Tourist and Mubali, it is really going to happen – Iguana and Mubali personally said they were coming, and the guy who organized it got backed up by people with more reputation. And it was actually pretty good.

We arrived at midnight, when there were about 30 people, the sound was good, the place was an old building used for balls, as a theater or a gym, and the feeling there reminded me of the old days at Tetrahydroclub in Brno (RIP). It was nice to have enough space for dancing for once, both Iguana and Mubali played fine, although Iguana’s set could be longer and Mubali’s on the other hand seemed to me even too long for its own good. No big deal, however, it was good music, and it all had kind of underground atmosphere. So, thanks.