Kerray – Abstract Sun (2023 psytrance dj set)

Abstract sun (Midjourney)

For those of you who appreciate electronic dance music, I’ve prepared another good set – I would describe it as slower, relatively melodic proggressive psytrance, streaked with acid. As usual, it’s spiced up with a few extra samples and occasional fxed Korg Wavedrum.

You can listen to it on YouTube, or download it in lossless quality as a 667 MB FLAC (here’s the checksum to verify the download). I put the cover together from a few images I generated in Midjourney v5.

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Kerray – Karburátor – 2019 psytrance dj set

Psytrance is a strange music—attempts at description would fill volumes, and yet it wouldn’t be the same as saddling the massive, animating bassline, and drown attention in shared vibration— can’t listen to it too much, it’s festive, but when it comes…

This is a mix I got ready for the last party I played on in Prague before the pandemic, truly psychedelic psytrance for dancing, spiced up with Czech samples from Karel Čapek’s Absolute At Large.

Kerray – Fruit Of The Gloom – psychedelic psytrance dj set

I’ve been mentioning a lot lately that the music releases we’re used to include under the ‘psytrance’ genre (which was shortcut for psychedelic trance) are often not psychedelic in the slightest. When DJing, I have long ago stopped shunning older and downright old music under the “must stay on the edge and play new/rare tracks” mindset – I can’t play it if I don’t like it, and there are many true gems in the older (5+ years) releases, gems which most of the people who only discovered psytrance in recent years don’t know. And this is what the final product looks like. Lots of these ancient but sparkling tunes combined with some of the good stuff of today, made for dancing but also complex enough for exacting listeners. Intended foremost for the people who don’t know all the classics – but if you do, just recommend it to your friends, even those who don’t know psytrance at all.
kerray – fruit of the gloom dj set, 76m 33s, 320CBR MP3, 183.7 MB
Of course, if you like it, share the link.
FLAC version here (524 MB, sfv).

Playlist follows.

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Kerray – Synaecstatic (beatless ambient music set)

Not much to say – beatless ambient bliss, use it for relaxation, meditation, sleeping or as a background. If you want more similar music, buy the CDs these tracks come from – or, if you don’t have it yet, you can download my vitaminek set (and other stuff, but that’s not ambient). Download or play:

kerray – synaecstatic (MP3, 121 MB, 75m02s, alternative link)

Cover is from fdecomite @ flickr, playlist details follow.

Synaecstatic by kerray

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Kerray – Uroboros – Psychedelic Trance Set

Uroboros was quite a good party – it ended twice even before it began, and twice it came back. Perhaps it should have been named Phoenix. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed playing there, from first light of dawn to first rays of sun. Perhaps for the first time it happened so that I could play almost all the music I planned to play – at other times, I have to change the plans, because what I wanted to play just doesn’t match the mood of the party. Not this time, and since I also wanted to create a new mix for quite a long time, I used a lot of what I played at Uroboros to create the following psychedelic trance set: Kerray – Uroboros set (182MB, 100 min., local mirror [Play] [Play]) Cover is by Donald E. Davis, playlist after the click.

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Beatless ambient music set ‘vitaminek’ download

Toltec Shield by Aya

After several years on the drawing board, this ambient music set has gotten its final form. Composed of birds’ tweeting, twinkling textures and warm, soothing pads, it’s intended to invoke silence.

UPDATE: Just when I began thinking about a proper cover, I encountered mandalas from, and the choice was obvious. But the important thing is, I even got a permission from the author, Aya. Thanks.

UPDATE 2: New beatless ambient set – kerray – synaecstatic

kerray – vitaminek ambient set (2007, 75:09, 120MB VBR MP3)  tracklistExpanding…

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Internet Marketing Resources For Musicians And Labels (Draft)

This post is meant to provide a collection of resources and concepts and basic ideas about how the Internet can be used in music marketing. It is meant for musicians, producers, DJs and labels, hopefully without too many genre-specific things. However, the general ideas about Internet marketing mentioned and linked to in this article may be useful to people in other fields besides music too. Currently, it’s a draft, so if you encounter errors, or if you think we should expand on some sections, if you have any questions, or ideas, tips, links etc. which we didn’t mention, please tell us, or feel free to leave you’re note in the comments. If some of the points aren’t anything new for you, good – because there still seems to be a lot of artists and labels big and small, for whom most of this will be new. You don’t have to care about the bleeding edge of IT to be able to make use of the excellent (and often free) marketing opportunities of the Internet. However, this post is just for you if you do understand that there is a lot of potential in the Internet, but you could use some help finding out some inspiration and also practical tips about what can be done and how. We’ll offer you some general concepts of marketing on the Internet, and we’ll talk about how to make yourself present at the places where people could be looking for you and how to make the most of them. Read on…

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Stolen music

As you may have read, my computer was stolen while I was away for Christmas, and we have thus lost all the music we have been working on with Dosta for past few years. This means that most our past projects will stay unfinished forever, and therefore we see no reason why we shouldn’t share them as they are. Of course I sorted the tracks a bit, so that people who don’t feel like listening to musical sketches can easily pick tracks more worthy of their attention. The unfinished tracks are often just “daily builds”, made after we finished a longer session and wanted to have mp3 version of the track online and be able to listen to it elsewhere.

If you want a representative sample what we have been up to with Dosta, listen just to the “almost finished” stuff, because while those tracks are finished, except for some polishing and mastering, those below are often just a bunch of ideas on a drum line.

The sound won’t be great, because we did it all on ordinary speakers, just two guys and one computer, but, well, if you feel it gets better after you tweak the EQ, just do it.

I will also add some DJ sets and our old tunes, since even in those days there were people who liked these, and with some of them I’m amazed on how many sites I can find them.

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