Kerray – Uroboros – Psychedelic Trance Set

Uroboros was quite a good party – it ended twice even before it began, and twice it came back. Perhaps it should have been named Phoenix. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed playing there, from first light of dawn to first rays of sun. Perhaps for the first time it happened so that I could play almost all the music I planned to play – at other times, I have to change the plans, because what I wanted to play just doesn’t match the mood of the party. Not this time, and since I also wanted to create a new mix for quite a long time, I used a lot of what I played at Uroboros to create the following psychedelic trance set: Kerray – Uroboros set (182MB, 100 min., local mirror [Play] [Play]) Cover is by Donald E. Davis, playlist after the click.


  1. Calamar Audio – Slim Disks
  2. Calamar Audio feat. Ocean – Hot Disks
  3. Braincell – Toxic Force
  4. Orzel’s Machine – Centrifuge
  5. koplex – Fizzgig
  6. Fragletrollet – 665 Neighbor of the Beast
  7. Braincell – Little Worlds
  8. Imaginary Sight – Sound
  9. Hux Flux – Cryptic Crunch
  10. Ace Ventura – Exposed
  11. Etnica – Planet X
  12. Braincell – Star Dust
  13. Chromatone – Automagic
  14. Dark Soho – The H
  15. Shpongle – Divine Moments Of Truth (Remix)
  16. Psychopod – Dreampod
  17. Manmademan – Absent Mind
  18. Purple Buddah – Remote
  19. Liquid Space – Lunatic Asylum
  20. ProSect – For Twisted Only
  21. Trold – The Big Secret