Bio here again

I don’t share that many invites, since I rarely play anywhere, usually just local parties in Brno. However Bio is a party that deserves an invitation, since it’s been the best Czech openair party for years, and even people who don’t frequent psytrance parties at all love and visit this one. So come join us – 20th May is nearing.

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Summer invitations 2012

Just a short post – these are the parties I’ll be playing during this year’s openair season. I don’t think you’ll meet me elsewhere, because just as every other routine, psytrance parties get boring after a while. 

Oh, yea, I’ll probably be at european Rainbow gathering, but that doesn’t need any further info.

So if you want to hear me, see me, talk to me, you’re welcome.

Archa HX2012
Archa HX2012 flyer
Amébio flyer
Festival Peníkov flyer
Cosmic Frog


MöBio 2008 and Boom 2008 invititations

MöBio (info in English) is the 7th instance of probably the best Czech psytrance festival. The date is 23rd to 25th May 2008, and the place is a children’s summer camp Tišina, near Kožlany and Rakovník (map), just as in past few years, and just as in past few years, there will be lots of other interesting things besides just a dancefloor with incredible, trance-inducing psychedelic music played incredibly loud on some incredible speakers. Anyway, if you’ll be in Czech republic at that time, visiting Prague or something, you won’t regret dropping by. And yeah, there will be another Boom Festival in Portugal this August, another “not just a party by far” place worth visiting. If you don’t know what to expect, you can read my report from Boom 2006. With a few friends from Výtvarný kroužek čtvereček, we’re hoping to arrange a kind of game there – it’s not yet approved (and far from finished) though, so keep your fingers crossed. And yeah, there should be another one at MöBio, so that’s also a reason to come – it will be in both Czech and English.

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Invitation to the Kruh festival

fullmoon electronic music festival | 29.6.-1.7.2007 | Ostrovec, Loc: 49°25’56.1″N,14°8’1.39″E Another festival invitation? As if there was nothing else to write about… well, don’t worry, other posts are coming :) This post itself is just a stub anyway, I’ll prepare more detailed info. However, get ready for this festival – it’s going to be big. UPDATE: The party is behind us. Everything went almost unexpectedly well, and all who took part in organizing this event can now bathe in the overwhelmingly positive feedback. Particularly Prenatal did a pretty good job of steering all the involved people so that things got done. A big thumbs up also goes to Quix for great sound and overall professionality of their work. We managed to attract probably the largest amount of people on a Czech psytrance party yet, and had also success in bringing in several groups of foreigners (which is still a relatively uncommon thing), who were then asking about future parties. There was also a lot of people who didn’t come because of psytrance, and ended up enjoying it immensel – which is quite funny, since the music wasn’t too good most of the time. But I may have a kind of “professional deformation” towards what good psytrance means… I’ll upload some pics and videos, for now only photos by others: : Alef, Kussanda,, Fill, Rodrixs

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Bios party – 18.-20.5.2007

MorningBios (in previous years Biolest, Bioles, Bioples, Bioplex, Plexus Solaris) is an exceptional event, an open air music festival in its sixth year. Although it is largely about being able to enjoy some good music, there are other ingredients, that are at least just as important – venue in nature, nice people… After party updatephotos, videos… As I said, Bios is not as much a party as it is an event. It has that specific “somehow started happening almost all by itself” feeling, dragging all the people who take care of preparations with itself. It somehow has to happen. Which I guess tells more about Bio- and its spirit then explaining what a great party it has always been. But I’ll explain anyway – it is not just another party or music happening. In its previous incarnations it was exceptional and quite significant. At nightThe most intense year was probably Bioplex – the venue was on a small peninsula in a lake. The whole time there was magical, and what the fog did in the morning, after it boiled and slithered on the surface of water for most of the night, was just indescribable beauty – how it rose in shapes, then fell down, sun shining at it all the time, and still it had enough power to, after a few hours of theatrical show, rise over and creep through the whole peninsula. Well, that was great, but it’s been great every single time, so I guess it will be pretty good once again. Update: There will be more interesting stuff. A collaborative collage will be available, so bring some magazines with pictures/photos, and perhaps also scissors – although there will be some equipment available. Last time we did this, it was quite unexpected how much fun it actually provides, even for people, who at first didn’t want to join. Moreover, I’m preparing a game for Saturday. It should be something like a classic summer camp game “treasure hunt”, groups of people following a lead of clues, walking around for a while, solving some puzzles and other tasks, and although I’m not sure yet what the “treasure” will be, it should definitely be pretty psychedelic :) Update 2: Short vids from preparations Photos from previous years:

– Bioples 2004 [archive] – Bioles 2005 [archive] – Biolest 2006 [archive] Youtube playlist of videos from last year It doesn’t matter at all whether you know the “psychedelic trance” (psytrance) kind of electronic dance music or not, whether you already like it, hate it or don’t care about it at all. As long as you stumble upon a decent DJ on just the right occasion, you can come from any musical background and you’ll enjoy it. Moreover, even if this musical enjoyment doesn’t come on your first psychedelic trance party, the possibility that you’ll meet new people you’ll like is high above average, whatever that is for you. Of course, you could ask, what is meant by “the right occassion”. I’m simply counting on the fact here that there will be significantly-better-then-decent DJs aplenty at Bios, so this part of the party enjoyment formula is taken care of. Otherwise the right occassion depends on how the whole party works out. Bio- series of festivals is held at a beautiful forest valley for the third year, which has all the infrastructure and comfort you could want. childrenAlso, most of the people who come regularly are quite openminded – you’ll probably meet friendly smiles unless you do things like shooting heroin and passing out cold, or bothering people with clenched jaws and dish-sized pupils. Actually, we don’t like to see this kind of people at parties like this, and luckily, they almost don’t visit, so you can feel safe – you can even bring children. So in short, Bios will be at the same place as last two years, again there will be some twists, making it not your usual, 4×4-bouncing-all-day-and-night party – perhaps some band(s), or even theater, and more musical variation later during the day. If you want to experience a psychedelic trance event with a truly psychedelic potential, one of the few bigger parties in CZ, meet friendly people and so on, you’re welcome. 18.-20.5.2007, camp Tišina near Kožlany, Rakovník (1.5 hour from Prague) Czech Republic ( 50°0’21.07″N, 13°33’17.37″E)

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Summer Camp Workshop Invitation

For past three years it has become a custom for us to go for a week to a forest by Pnetluky to an old summer camp. For a week, we pretended to be kids, divided ourselves into groups, competed in classic summer camp games, and so on. This year however most people don’t have enough money or vacation time to be able to take part, and the number of applications was really low. So this year, it’s not going to be a summer camp for grown-up kids, but rather an open workshop. I can only tell that we’ll be painting a lot, since I don’t know what else will the others come up with, but it will definitely be fun. I didn’t plan to go to the camp, but as it changed to a workshop, I just can’t miss it. Lots of intelligent, creative individuals around, great nature, what more could one want.
And what’s best, if you’d like to come too, it shouldn’t be a problem, just write me an email (I won’t post it here, it’s not hard to figure it out) or contact me otherwise. You can come for a day or for the whole week, as you want. Who’ll be there? People from Vytvarny Krouzek Ctverecek, making psychedelic decorations, guys from MimoTV, and quiet a few others. I guess it will be a pretty rich experience. Here are a few pictures from the first “psyoneer summer camp”.

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Bioles[t] party flyer and info!

One of the most atmospheric psytrance parties in Czech republic. It is a two day openair party in the Tisina valley near Kozlany, Rakovnik, 80km from Prague. As the name suggests, Lest meaning Elusion, the party is going to be about lifting the veil of elusion, and everything else you might like about openair psychedelic dance parties. We’re departing already on Monday to decorate the place (early arrivers are usually welcome), as we want to make this a remarkable event. Further information – flyer, web with flyers from past years – and English details. I’ve also dug up some some of my photos from those past years. More on the “not to miss” party note, another big thing is closing in – this year’s Boom festival in Portugal. Highly recommended stuff, check the pictures from last years. Both the spot and the party are simply amazing :)

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