Bioles[t] party flyer and info!

One of the most atmospheric psytrance parties in Czech republic. It is a two day openair party in the Tisina valley near Kozlany, Rakovnik, 80km from Prague. As the name suggests, Lest meaning Elusion, the party is going to be about lifting the veil of elusion, and everything else you might like about openair psychedelic dance parties. We’re departing already on Monday to decorate the place (early arrivers are usually welcome), as we want to make this a remarkable event. Further information – flyer, web with flyers from past years – and English details. I’ve also dug up some some of my photos from those past years. More on the “not to miss” party note, another big thing is closing in – this year’s Boom festival in Portugal. Highly recommended stuff, check the pictures from last years. Both the spot and the party are simply amazing :)