YouTube playlist with videos from Biolest

Bioles(t) is over. Again. For the second time, we’ve had this party in the Tisina valley near Rakovnik, in a spot that is actually a children’s summer camp. Since the place looks like it was made for happenings like this one, and the owner and his family are a group of incredibly nice and helpful people, Bio-whatever was again one of the best parties of the year (I’m saying that knowing that I don’t know what’s coming). It was a wonderful flow experience, and it was just enough to dissolve the sediments of daily life. As you can see from the number of videos, I’ve been running around recording them pointless with my camera and later with my phone (Panasonic Lumix FZ20 and Nokia N70 respectively, I’m telling you the exact models just so that you could consider the video quality, which particularly with the phone is fairly useful, also due to the fact that I could record continually for several hours). I’ve also written something like a report.On Friday night, the place was a lunatic asylum. Well, it happens on psytrance parties – it takes some time to shed the sediments of “ordinary life” and it is not always a pleasant view, in combination with all the acid and E and whatever else people take. Particularly people who haven’t had much experience with the deeper levels of themselves often don’t know what’s going on at all. However, musically, it was good. There was some unpleasant delay, but I liked it overall – there were enough things to do for the few whiles when the music wasn’t perfect. Also visually it was a feast, particularly MimoTV projections were great. They’ve picked up a lot of organizational stress, because they too were taking part it the preparation of the party, and they were putting all the harsh determination into their projections. The result was a mindbending mix of sound and visuals, exactly the way it should be done in psytrance. However, not all people took it well. It is always interesting too watch other people on a psychedelic trance party, since the way their nature is manifested in them is often unusually pure and open. However this time, a guy got cought in a slightly unusual way of behavior. His show included lots of archetypally obscene gestures and gradual laying off of his clothes. Well, why not let him jump around, it’s fun, right? It was, until he, completely naked, went to visit the DJ and started climbing on his table. Several guys took the initiative and drove him away under the threat of violence. You could see the guy next day, walking around the camp. He looked irresolute, like he didn’t know what to make of his behavior, and how to approach the people who have seen him the night before. He left before evening. You don’t really want to come to a psytrance party unless you’re ready to look at yourself and others in often very unusual ways. Everything that was building up in your life dissappears. It is relatively easy to accept it and flow with it, but it frequently happens particularly to people who either don’t know how or don’t want to deal with themselves, that instead of abandoning their possesiveness, letting go off their fears and concerns and enjoying their natural role they cling to their illusionary ego with all its illusionary features, and they surrender their control to it. If you believe you’re an exhibicionist, well, there you go. Encelophatycis, who came from Macedonia, provided us with incredibly massive sound and entertaining music. You could see from the way he was driving his music with his gestures that he really knows his music well. Ladic, whom I often praise here as one of the best psytrance DJs I know, provided us with his dawn music, although it was daylight already when Encelophatycis played, but it didn’t matter, the mood was right for it. Then Pangea and later Embryo from MimoTV went into the morning and day sound, and we enjoyed a day in the sun. I slept through the Saturday night to wake up just before dawn. I felt the mood was much lighter then the day before, and although DJ CyBird didn’t really amuse me, after him it got better with Pangea and Marty and the day was again filled with sun and dancing until late in the afternoon when the sound had to be packed. You can watch the videos to see what Embryo put up as last tunes. The week of creating decorations and preparing the party was of course much more private. It took me some time to get cought in the creative spirit, but it finally happened, and overall I think we did a pretty good job, considering that our budget for decos was basically zero, as usual. Unlike last time, when we tried to create a common feeling with all the wooden creatures, this time we focused more on separate “elusions”, often working with words and memes, and other exponates. Just check the pictures and videos. Pics, pics, pics, pics, pics, playlist of my videos on YouTube. Let me know what you think!