Million Marihuana March

We’re lucky to always have some reasons for demonstrations, making similar parties on Letna in Prague harder, if not outright impossible. It was a nice afternoon, distantly reminding me of last years demonstrations after Czechtek, where a spontaneous party would burst out on Letna and continue long into the evening. I spent most of the time around the psytrance stage, which, being the only 4×4 stage around, was under heavy siege. I always love to watch those innocent people, who either get involved in the psytrance vibe not knowing what it is at all, or who have all kinds of excuses why they don’t like psytrance, when in fact they’ve actually never experienced good psytrance. Nevertheless, both these groups looked like they really liked the music, and in the end we’ve also managed to bring in some Biolest flyers, to evangelize this upcoming wonderful event.

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