DJ Kerray – specializing in psychedelic dancefloor magic

Kerray started producing and DJing with drum’n’bass before 1998, but moved on to psychedelic trance after 2000, and his fascination by all things psychedelic continues to this day. While he hasn’t been composing much for quite a while, he’s still frequenting openair parties and he’s a regular DJ at legendary Czech openair psychedelic festival Bio.

“For me, a good psytrance party is a religious ritual, a way to achieve trance and inner silence, conjure and consolidate attention, wake up the body and connect with deeper layers of reality and other people. I’ll make all that happen, just give me a good open-air venue and I’ll give you excellent music with a dependable beat and just the right amount of development to grab listeners’ attention, send shivers up their spines and make them dance for hours.”

Kerray has been DJing using his computer even back then and using it to control the flow and gradation of music with merciless precision, seamlessly incorporating classic gems with newest tracks. “Does this otherwise excellent track have a breakdown every few minutes? Not when I’m playing it! Does a track sound good but is otherwise boring? Let’s loop the good parts and combine it with an almost perfect track which is not all that groovy by itself.”

What about producing some new tracks? “When there’s not enough time to compose legendary tracks, there’s no reason to release more average stuff. So yeah, maybe some day.”

You’ll find all my original production and some short clips not included here on my SoundCloud profile

You’ll find all my DJ sets on MixCloud

If you want me to conjure some psychedelic magic and make people dance at your (preferably openair) party, let me know.

The reason many of the older tracks are unfinished is there was a burglary in the house I lived in, and both my computer and all backups got stolen.

DJ Sets - Beatless Ambient


DJ Sets - Psychedelic trance


Original production - older, more or less complete tracks


Original production - old pieces


DJ Sets - Older drum'n'bass