Summer Camp Workshop Invitation

For past three years it has become a custom for us to go for a week to a forest by Pnetluky to an old summer camp. For a week, we pretended to be kids, divided ourselves into groups, competed in classic summer camp games, and so on. This year however most people don’t have enough money or vacation time to be able to take part, and the number of applications was really low. So this year, it’s not going to be a summer camp for grown-up kids, but rather an open workshop. I can only tell that we’ll be painting a lot, since I don’t know what else will the others come up with, but it will definitely be fun. I didn’t plan to go to the camp, but as it changed to a workshop, I just can’t miss it. Lots of intelligent, creative individuals around, great nature, what more could one want.
And what’s best, if you’d like to come too, it shouldn’t be a problem, just write me an email (I won’t post it here, it’s not hard to figure it out) or contact me otherwise. You can come for a day or for the whole week, as you want. Who’ll be there? People from Vytvarny Krouzek Ctverecek, making psychedelic decorations, guys from MimoTV, and quiet a few others. I guess it will be a pretty rich experience. Here are a few pictures from the first “psyoneer summer camp”.