Training with Aliacte

I took part in a two day training of my Dad’s company, just for fun. I only knew it’s going to be about positive approach, and I was quite curious what it will look like – I could always leave, right?
However, Masha, a very energic lady who did the training, is very, very good in what she’s doing. Not only I felt (and still feel) motivated, but I also learned what I hoped to learn – new ways of how to bring people’s attention to the really important things in life and how to explain these topics without resorting to anything that may sound somehow “spiritual” in any way.
I always find it interesting to watch people’s reaction to matters like general approach to life, taking responsibility for one’s actions or self-exploration. A surprising number of Dad’s employees already knew much of what Masha was telling us, and they enjoyed how well she could present thoughts which people usually find difficult to express. But it was also nice to watch reactions of older people, who most probably never got a chance to hear these matters explained so clearly. In a one on one talk, some of them would even object. However, seeing how their colleagues all agree that what Masha is saying is true made them stop their protests and actually listen. And at the end, it was possible to see that they were deeply moved and that the training made them reconsider how they think and how they live their lives. Damn, I’d like to be as good as Masha in this :)
I would definitely recommend this training to practically everyone – I don’t know about Aliacte in general, but Masha is really good.