Kerray – Abstract Sun (2023 psytrance dj set)

For those of you who appreciate electronic dance music, I’ve prepared another good set – I would describe it as slower, relatively melodic proggressive psytrance, streaked with acid. As usual, it’s spiced up with a few extra samples and occasional fxed Korg Wavedrum.

You can listen to it on YouTube, or download it in lossless quality as a 667 MB FLAC (here’s the checksum to verify the download). I put the cover together from a few images I generated in Midjourney v5.


00:00-04:01 Electrypnose – A Sun Burning Far Away
04:01-06:39 Yahel & Oxiv – Colors
06:39-13:03 Out of Orbit – Mars
13:03-18:46 Eddie Bittar & Zyce – Shadows
18:46-24:44 Out of Orbit & Perfect Stranger – Space Jahnun
24:44-30:06 Out of Orbit & Dekel – Hypnotize
30:06-38:08 Bumbling Loons – Peace In Our Time
38:07-43:36 Out of Orbit & Gorovich – Star
43:36-48:51 Ne Yam – Snow White
48:51-53:10 Out of Orbit & X-Dream – Losgelöst
53:10-58:36 Oxiv – Divine Whispers