Alan Watts

I’ve known and listened to the lectures by Alan Watts for some time now, spreading them among people who know English enough to understand them. However, since mp3 it’s a very practical format to use as an argument in online discussion, I started looking for some transcriptions or fulltext books, and I want to share what I found.

So, who is Alan Watts and why should you care?Alan Watts is said to have brought the ideas of (zen) buddhism, taoism and eastern philosophies in general closer to our “western” way of thinking. His lectures however are far away from what one would consider as “religious”. He doesn’t operate with hazy concepts and construct philosophical structures – he keeps it really simple, providing at the same time deep insights of mostly psychological nature. Strongly recommended for everyone who consider themself, or would like to become, open-minded. And for everyone else too. – lots of materials
The Relevance of Oriental Philosophy – lecture
UPDATE: Alan Watts Podcast – lectures