Kerray – Karburátor – 2019 psytrance dj set

Psytrance is a strange music—attempts at description would fill volumes, and yet it wouldn’t be the same as saddling the massive, animating bassline, and drown attention in shared vibration— can’t listen to it too much, it’s festive, but when it comes…

This is a mix I got ready for the last party I played on in Prague before the pandemic, truly psychedelic psytrance for dancing, spiced up with Czech samples from Karel Čapek’s Absolute At Large.

Bio here again

I don’t share that many invites, since I rarely play anywhere, usually just local parties in Brno. However Bio is a party that deserves an invitation, since it’s been the best Czech openair party for years, and even people who don’t frequent psytrance parties at all love and visit this one. So come join us – 20th May is nearing.

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Summer invitations 2012

Just a short post – these are the parties I’ll be playing during this year’s openair season. I don’t think you’ll meet me elsewhere, because just as every other routine, psytrance parties get boring after a while. 

Oh, yea, I’ll probably be at european Rainbow gathering, but that doesn’t need any further info.

So if you want to hear me, see me, talk to me, you’re welcome.

Archa HX2012
Archa HX2012 flyer
Amébio flyer
Festival Peníkov flyer
Cosmic Frog


Kerray – Fruit Of The Gloom – psychedelic psytrance dj set

I’ve been mentioning a lot lately that the music releases we’re used to include under the ‘psytrance’ genre (which was shortcut for psychedelic trance) are often not psychedelic in the slightest. When DJing, I have long ago stopped shunning older and downright old music under the “must stay on the edge and play new/rare tracks” mindset – I can’t play it if I don’t like it, and there are many true gems in the older (5+ years) releases, gems which most of the people who only discovered psytrance in recent years don’t know. And this is what the final product looks like. Lots of these ancient but sparkling tunes combined with some of the good stuff of today, made for dancing but also complex enough for exacting listeners. Intended foremost for the people who don’t know all the classics – but if you do, just recommend it to your friends, even those who don’t know psytrance at all.
kerray – fruit of the gloom dj set, 76m 33s, 320CBR MP3, 183.7 MB
Of course, if you like it, share the link.
FLAC version here (524 MB, sfv).

Playlist follows.

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Kerray – Synaecstatic (beatless ambient music set)

Not much to say – beatless ambient bliss, use it for relaxation, meditation, sleeping or as a background. If you want more similar music, buy the CDs these tracks come from – or, if you don’t have it yet, you can download my vitaminek set (and other stuff, but that’s not ambient). Download or play:

kerray – synaecstatic (MP3, 121 MB, 75m02s, alternative link)

Cover is from fdecomite @ flickr, playlist details follow.

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Kerray – Uroboros – Psychedelic Trance Set

Uroboros was quite a good party – it ended twice even before it began, and twice it came back. Perhaps it should have been named Phoenix. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed playing there, from first light of dawn to first rays of sun. Perhaps for the first time it happened so that I could play almost all the music I planned to play – at other times, I have to change the plans, because what I wanted to play just doesn’t match the mood of the party. Not this time, and since I also wanted to create a new mix for quite a long time, I used a lot of what I played at Uroboros to create the following psychedelic trance set: Kerray – Uroboros set (182MB, 100 min., local mirror [Play] [Play]) Cover is by Donald E. Davis, playlist after the click.

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After two years, another Boom Festival takes place on the usual spot in Portugal, and we’re leaving by car on Sunday after tomorrow, for cca three weeks. On one hand, I’m really looking forward to the whole incredible experience and at the same time I’m interested in seeing how the global “psy” subculture has shifted further from the psychedelic roots and how the organizers take that into account. Besides the additional world music stage, introduced last time, there should be a new stage with breaks, dub etc.

Originally, I aimed to prepare some interesting content, kind of a psychedelic reality game like I did at last two -bio- festivals, but it didn’t quite work out. I’m still working on the script, as the writing turned out to be a lot more demanding then I expected, particularly when combined with a full time programming job. However, as it’s going to be something that can be set up for many times in different places, I’ll continue working on it, make it really special, beta test it at some other events, and who knows – perhaps in two years, it will be at Boom.

Anyway, have you seen my report from the last Boom Festival in 2006?

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MöBio 2008 party report and photos

The MöBio psytrance festival last weekend was very good – again. The reactions are overwhelmingly positive. All the work put into past years increasingly starts to pay off – the -bio- parties are among the most significant psytrance events in Czech republic, but they also attract a lot of people, who don’t otherwise visit “regular” psytrance parties. The positive word of mouth has grown quite strong. People know that they’ll get relaxed and have a pretty good time. I heard that the festival paid itself off for the first time – after all these years. As usual, we came to prepare the party in advance, although this time we only had roughly two days, instead of three or more in previous years. So there wasn’t that much time to prepare as many varied decorations and gizmos, but there was still enough to look at and interact with – for example ‘Ještěd’ from CDs was pretty impressive. Overall, the preparations were quite entertaining, but also meant a lot of exhausting work. The festival itself was easy. Sun came just in time after a cold, rainy week. Every year, there are more people who don’t just come for the night, but also stay for the whole day – since as everyone who likes psytrance openairs will tell you, morning and day are the best parts. So on MöBio, a lot was happening throughout the day – the place was full of people catching sun, throwing frisbee, engaging in highly intellectual discussions about things like philosophy, or just wandering around the central square, visiting various “families” in their small cottages. Many of the cottages were visually enhanced by their tenants, and in between them were other attractions – screen printing, possibility to create a collective collage etc. The whole place was just inviting you to go check what’s playing at the main stage (and several people mentioned that what they’d liked a lot was the fact that there was no “bad” music playing at all), then get a tea from the yurt, talk to long-time-no-see friends, let yourself be entertained by some spontaneous performance (or with the afternoon number of circus Ubrousek), then perhaps go to the chillout, and have some excellent macrobiotic food and again a cup of tea, and then a walk into the woods… Some brave people event went to swim in the nearby pond. I mean, the easy atmosphere was just oozing out of the whole place entire weekend. So thanks to all who organized this or came to help with the preparations, and thanks to all who came to enjoy it for co-creating such an experience, and see you next year. I prepared a game, similar to the one last year, although shorter this time, which you can read here.

My photo gallery from Sunday
, other galleries from Alef, Ondrada, Eridani, Grassroot, Todzo, C23H28O8, Plech, Wopice, Miris, MagicM Next station – the ultimate openair experience – Boom Festival.

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MöBio 2008 and Boom 2008 invititations

MöBio (info in English) is the 7th instance of probably the best Czech psytrance festival. The date is 23rd to 25th May 2008, and the place is a children’s summer camp Tišina, near Kožlany and Rakovník (map), just as in past few years, and just as in past few years, there will be lots of other interesting things besides just a dancefloor with incredible, trance-inducing psychedelic music played incredibly loud on some incredible speakers. Anyway, if you’ll be in Czech republic at that time, visiting Prague or something, you won’t regret dropping by. And yeah, there will be another Boom Festival in Portugal this August, another “not just a party by far” place worth visiting. If you don’t know what to expect, you can read my report from Boom 2006. With a few friends from Výtvarný kroužek čtvereček, we’re hoping to arrange a kind of game there – it’s not yet approved (and far from finished) though, so keep your fingers crossed. And yeah, there should be another one at MöBio, so that’s also a reason to come – it will be in both Czech and English.

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Beatless ambient music set ‘vitaminek’ download

Toltec Shield by Aya several years on the drawing board, this ambient music set has gotten its final form. Composed of birds’ tweeting, twinkling textures and warm, soothing pads, it’s intended to invoke silence.

UPDATE: Just when I began thinking about a proper cover, I encountered mandalas from, and the choice was obvious. But the important thing is, I even got a permission from the author, Aya. Thanks.

UPDATE 2: New beatless ambient set – kerray – synaecstatic

kerray – vitaminek ambient set (2007, 75:09, 120MB VBR MP3, alternative linktracklist


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