MöBio 2008 party report and photos

The MöBio psytrance festival last weekend was very good – again. The reactions are overwhelmingly positive. All the work put into past years increasingly starts to pay off – the -bio- parties are among the most significant psytrance events in Czech republic, but they also attract a lot of people, who don’t otherwise visit “regular” psytrance parties. The positive word of mouth has grown quite strong. People know that they’ll get relaxed and have a pretty good time. I heard that the festival paid itself off for the first time – after all these years.

As usual, we came to prepare the party in advance, although this time we only had roughly two days, instead of three or more in previous years. So there wasn’t that much time to prepare as many varied decorations and gizmos, but there was still enough to look at and interact with – for example ‘Ještěd’ from CDs was pretty impressive. Overall, the preparations were quite entertaining, but also meant a lot of exhausting work. The festival itself was easy. Sun came just in time after a cold, rainy week. Every year, there are more people who don’t just come for the night, but also stay for the whole day – since as everyone who likes psytrance openairs will tell you, morning and day are the best parts. So on MöBio, a lot was happening throughout the day – the place was full of people catching sun, throwing frisbee, engaging in highly intellectual discussions about things like philosophy, or just wandering around the central square, visiting various “families” in their small cottages. Many of the cottages were visually enhanced by their tenants, and in between them were other attractions – screen printing, possibility to create a collective collage etc. The whole place was just inviting you to go check what’s playing at the main stage (and several people mentioned that what they’d liked a lot was the fact that there was no “bad” music playing at all), then get a tea from the yurt, talk to long-time-no-see friends, let yourself be entertained by some spontaneous performance (or with the afternoon number of circus Ubrousek), then perhaps go to the chillout, and have some excellent macrobiotic food and again a cup of tea, and then a walk into the woods… Some brave people event went to swim in the nearby pond. I mean, the easy atmosphere was just oozing out of the whole place entire weekend. So thanks to all who organized this or came to help with the preparations, and thanks to all who came to enjoy it for co-creating such an experience, and see you next year. I prepared a game, similar to the one last year, although shorter this time, which you can read here.

My photo gallery from Sunday
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