Stolen music

As you may have read, my computer was stolen while I was away for Christmas, and we have thus lost all the music we have been working on with Dosta for past few years. This means that most our past projects will stay unfinished forever, and therefore we see no reason why we shouldn’t share them as they are. Of course I sorted the tracks a bit, so that people who don’t feel like listening to musical sketches can easily pick tracks more worthy of their attention. The unfinished tracks are often just “daily builds”, made after we finished a longer session and wanted to have mp3 version of the track online and be able to listen to it elsewhere.

If you want a representative sample what we have been up to with Dosta, listen just to the “almost finished” stuff, because while those tracks are finished, except for some polishing and mastering, those below are often just a bunch of ideas on a drum line.

The sound won’t be great, because we did it all on ordinary speakers, just two guys and one computer, but, well, if you feel it gets better after you tweak the EQ, just do it.

I will also add some DJ sets and our old tunes, since even in those days there were people who liked these, and with some of them I’m amazed on how many sites I can find them.

Mostly complete tracks:
Pohodicka (simpler version) [audio:] one of our last tracks, it’s downtempo, we liked it a lot and were really looking forward to hearing it finished
Pohodicka (last version) [audio:] I’m not sure, if the changes we made since the simpler version are good – nevertheless, it sounds a bit different
Cherry Blossom [audio:] this one is almost finished, although there is still polishing to be done
120 [audio:] breakbeat, minimal sound, not as optimistic
Clarissa Extendo [audio:] our disco tune, rich in sounds, needs mastering
Bobulix (Dosta’s version) [audio:] morning psytrance gone through long evolution, caught in the last phase
Bobulix (óda na bobule mix) [audio:] my happy version of Bobulix
Teddy (theme) [audio:] Dosta’s soothing theme to Christine Willis’ short movie “Teddy”
Monumentalisa [audio:] downtempo, one of the first tracks made with Dosta

Work in progress tracks:
Stalker [audio:] breakbeat, created by putting together two independent tracks, both of which were “missing something” – we didn’t expect it would work out so nicely
Downtempo [audio:] beginnings of a downtempo tune
Geological [audio:] 4×4 track with samples from Lost
Centipede (version 2) [audio:] maximized sound, second half is richer then version 1
Centipede (version 1) [audio:] psytrance, development of the second half would have needed more work, minimal sound
Prey [audio:] psytrance, samples from the Lionheart computer game
Energy of Life [audio:] 4×4 chillout, basic track without finer elements
Filaments [audio:] a sketch of a psytrance track, missing everything beyond basic few layers
Fractal Machinery [audio:] short sketch of two ideas
Watcher [audio:] psytrance ideas on a drum line

Old Stuff – Kerray:
M-5438 [audio:] Buzz Tracker, cca. 2002
Crystals [audio:] Buzz Tracker, drum’n’bass, cca. 2000
Virgo [audio:] Buzz Tracker, drum’n’bass, cca. 2000
Long Laser Gun [audio:] Buzz Tracker, cca. 2002
Arythmia [audio:] Harsh, early Panacea inspired d’n’b, made with Impulse Tracker, was included on the HARDLINER001 vinyl
Cold Sun (Mindswitch) [audio:] Simple melodic d’n’b from my Impulse Tracker days
Air Rider [audio:] Simple melodic d’n’b from my Impulse Tracker days
Luck vs. Skill [audio:] Drum’n’bass with Impulse Tracker
Rust [audio:] Darker track made in Impulse Tracker
Swift Blade [audio:] Kind of d’n’b, basically just loops and samples from well known projects (FSOL, Photek) put together. Despite that, it went out on compiled CD called Beat Case
Smoke City – Underwater Love (Kerray remix) [audio:] A “remix” consisting mostly of added beat. Those were the days… (sigh). Impulse Tracker again

DJ sets
Kerray – Fairytales [audio:] dj set, psytrance, 2006
Kerray – Divinorum [audio:] dj set, psytrance, 2004
Kerray – Step and Slide [audio:] d’n’b, cca 2000
Kerray – Search Lights [audio:] d’n’b, cca 2000


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