Evaluation of ‘Influence of Web 2.0 on Business’

The evaluation of my Senior Project (Influence of Web 2.0 on Business) has arrived some time ago, and although I’ve received a C+, the evaluation mentions its because of finishing half a year after the deadline. On the other hand, I believe it was worth it -the paper may not be perfect, but the reviewer obviously liked it :)

Mr. Matysek chose to do his final paper on “The Influence of the Internet on the Business Community”. His topic examined how the Internet has changed the landscape of business and what current trends seem to be indicated for the future. A major focus of the paper discussed how the Internet has grown in its use as a marketing tool and the future growth expected in this area. The sources in support of his topic were gathered from current literature and the internet and were documented appropriately throughout her presentation. He included several supportive grafts and charts which nicely depicted certain elements of the presentation. The final presentation reflected a carefully written presentation that was not only informative but also well organized and developed. He gave good examples and illustrations, describing the history of current practices and what circumstances exist today that have brought about the proposed changes. Overall, he provided a good objective analysis the strength and potential of the internet and its influence on the business community. The major deterrent was the lateness in which it was submitted.