Beatless ambient music set ‘vitaminek’ download

Toltec Shield by Aya

After several years on the drawing board, this ambient music set has gotten its final form. Composed of birds’ tweeting, twinkling textures and warm, soothing pads, it’s intended to invoke silence.

UPDATE: Just when I began thinking about a proper cover, I encountered mandalas from, and the choice was obvious. But the important thing is, I even got a permission from the author, Aya. Thanks.

UPDATE 2: New beatless ambient set – kerray – synaecstatic

kerray – vitaminek ambient set (2007, 75:09, 120MB VBR MP3)  tracklistExpanding…

Pieces & fragments:

VALE – elve, from infinite garden

FOLIAGE PATHWAY – secede, from (sold out) album tryshasla

TRAVELLER OF THE SEAS – kamal, from reiki wellness compilation

EVENING SHADE – jonn serrie, from lumia nights

MONK WITH BELL – michael stearns, from baraka soundtrack

SHIVA MANAS PUJA – urmila devi goenka, from sacred chants of shiva: from the banks of the ganges

FINALE – michael stearns, from baraka soundtrack

THREE CIRCLES – max corbacho, from the talisman

DAWN – vangelis, from the city

INNER SELVES – shulman, from in search of a meaningful moment

GLOBULAR (LONGFORM) – future sound of london, from a gigantic globular burst of antistatic single

WAY OF THE WIND – nodens ictus, from space lines

LYRICISM OF SYMMETRY – mere mortals, from flotation compilation SOL – ishq, from flotation compilation

AZUREMYST ISLE – russell brower & derek duke & matt uelmen, from soundtrack for world of warcraft – burning crusade

MAGIC TREE – omnimotion, from oxycanta kompilace

OPAL (OPAQUE MIX) – ishq, from orchid

THROAT BLUE UNITY – matt coldrick, from music*for a busy head

In case you would crave more music of similar qualities, you can’t make a mistake with most of the source albums. And don’t forget to leave a comment :)