is quite an interesting service, which follows what music you’re playing, and uploads the results so that a lot of classic data and Web 2.0 magic can be done. Other people can see what music you’re playing, you can see what they’re playing, you can get recommendations, tag and comment on tracks, artist, etc. I’ve known for quite some time but never actually began using it, since I had trouble running the plugin. I’ve finally overcome that trouble (I needed to switch off a setting in Winamp that decoded all mp3s with the mp3pro input plugin) and so my statistics (not really representative right now as I’ve just started) are available. And as I know you too have an interesting taste for music, please let me know your id in the comments :) I’ve also noticed (after who knows how long) that half of the site doesn’t work with Internet Explorer. Some things should be fixed now, however YouTube playlists still cause the main column to be too wide and disappear on the right. Well, sorry, you should use Firefox anyway. I’ve also fixed the blog RSS feed, added feeds for last links and music production, and redirected all feeds to FeedBurner.


Psyoneer Summer Camp 2006

Greetings from our little technological corner in the dining room of the summer camp in Pnetluky. We arrived yesterday in the evening, went to local pub to have a beer, and discovered that there’s a dance event. Music, old and new Czech hits and cover versions, was played and sung live by a young pair, performing under the name Music Dance. It was a very good evening and on the way back we enjoyed a storm with few lightnings and rain.
Today we had a relaxing day, with bikes, petanque and so on, and in a hour or so we’re starting to paint our first canvas here with fluorescent colors.
And guess what – I’ve got some videos. I found out I can shoot and upload them on YouTube directly from my phone (Nokia N70).

YouTube playlist with videos from the camp


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Summer Camp Workshop Invitation

For past three years it has become a custom for us to go for a week to a forest by Pnetluky to an old summer camp. For a week, we pretended to be kids, divided ourselves into groups, competed in classic summer camp games, and so on. This year however most people don’t have enough money or vacation time to be able to take part, and the number of applications was really low. So this year, it’s not going to be a summer camp for grown-up kids, but rather an open workshop. I can only tell that we’ll be painting a lot, since I don’t know what else will the others come up with, but it will definitely be fun. I didn’t plan to go to the camp, but as it changed to a workshop, I just can’t miss it. Lots of intelligent, creative individuals around, great nature, what more could one want.
And what’s best, if you’d like to come too, it shouldn’t be a problem, just write me an email (I won’t post it here, it’s not hard to figure it out) or contact me otherwise. You can come for a day or for the whole week, as you want. Who’ll be there? People from Vytvarny Krouzek Ctverecek, making psychedelic decorations, guys from MimoTV, and quiet a few others. I guess it will be a pretty rich experience. Here are a few pictures from the first “psyoneer summer camp”.

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Training with Aliacte

I took part in a two day training of my Dad’s company, just for fun. I only knew it’s going to be about positive approach, and I was quite curious what it will look like – I could always leave, right?
However, Masha, a very energic lady who did the training, is very, very good in what she’s doing. Not only I felt (and still feel) motivated, but I also learned what I hoped to learn – new ways of how to bring people’s attention to the really important things in life and how to explain these topics without resorting to anything that may sound somehow “spiritual” in any way.
I always find it interesting to watch people’s reaction to matters like general approach to life, taking responsibility for one’s actions or self-exploration. A surprising number of Dad’s employees already knew much of what Masha was telling us, and they enjoyed how well she could present thoughts which people usually find difficult to express. But it was also nice to watch reactions of older people, who most probably never got a chance to hear these matters explained so clearly. In a one on one talk, some of them would even object. However, seeing how their colleagues all agree that what Masha is saying is true made them stop their protests and actually listen. And at the end, it was possible to see that they were deeply moved and that the training made them reconsider how they think and how they live their lives. Damn, I’d like to be as good as Masha in this :)
I would definitely recommend this training to practically everyone – I don’t know about Aliacte in general, but Masha is really good.

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