Alan Watts

I’ve known and listened to the lectures by Alan Watts for some time now, spreading them among people who know English enough to understand them. However, since mp3 it’s a very practical format to use as an argument in online discussion, I started looking for some transcriptions or fulltext books, and I want to share what I found.

So, who is Alan Watts and why should you care?Alan Watts is said to have brought the ideas of (zen) buddhism, taoism and eastern philosophies in general closer to our “western” way of thinking. His lectures however are far away from what one would consider as “religious”. He doesn’t operate with hazy concepts and construct philosophical structures – he keeps it really simple, providing at the same time deep insights of mostly psychological nature. Strongly recommended for everyone who consider themself, or would like to become, open-minded. And for everyone else too. – lots of materials
The Relevance of Oriental Philosophy – lecture
UPDATE: Alan Watts Podcast – lectures

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Stolen music

As you may have read, my computer was stolen while I was away for Christmas, and we have thus lost all the music we have been working on with Dosta for past few years. This means that most our past projects will stay unfinished forever, and therefore we see no reason why we shouldn’t share them as they are. Of course I sorted the tracks a bit, so that people who don’t feel like listening to musical sketches can easily pick tracks more worthy of their attention. The unfinished tracks are often just “daily builds”, made after we finished a longer session and wanted to have mp3 version of the track online and be able to listen to it elsewhere.

If you want a representative sample what we have been up to with Dosta, listen just to the “almost finished” stuff, because while those tracks are finished, except for some polishing and mastering, those below are often just a bunch of ideas on a drum line.

The sound won’t be great, because we did it all on ordinary speakers, just two guys and one computer, but, well, if you feel it gets better after you tweak the EQ, just do it.

I will also add some DJ sets and our old tunes, since even in those days there were people who liked these, and with some of them I’m amazed on how many sites I can find them.

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